Article: How To Build AutoResponder Lists

Before your AutoResponder begins to demonstrate its true value, you absolutely must build the all-import list of subscribers so that your AutoResponder has someone to send your information to.
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How To Build Your AutoResponder Email Marketing Lists

AutoResponders can be used effectively in a number of ways:
  • Building and managing a permission-based email marketing list.

  • Following up with targeted prospects.

  • Keeping your message in front of existing customers.

  • Publishing a weekly or monthly ezine.

  • Broadcasting special offers.

  • Promoting special events.

  • Training sales personnel.

  • and more...
Of course, before your AutoResponder begins to demonstrate its true value, you absolutely must build the all-import list of subscribers so that your AutoResponder has someone to send your information to.

This article focuses on some of the techniques you can use to build your email marketing list.

Remember: The money is in the list. Build your list with targeted prospects and your sales can increase exponentially.

Some of the best ways to build your AutoResponder subscriber list include:
  1. Adding a subscription form to your own web page. Frankly, having your own web page is an absolute must for online success. Adding a subscription form to your own web page allows you to control your content and your promotions. When visitors to your web site fill out your subscription form, you have just gathered yet another targeted and highly interested subscriber is entered in to your AutoResponder.

  2. Creating and using Capture Pages. Capture pages are stand-alone web pages that can be used for targeted keyword promotion on search engines and specialized web sites such as blogs and forums. Capture pages allow you to test the effectiveness of various headlines and ad copy.

  3. Adding links to your Capture Pages or your web site with your subscription forms to your Email Signature. Typically, your email signature contains your name, company name, and a link to your web site. Make sure the link goes to a page that has your subscription form.

  4. Adding links to your Capture Pages or web site in appropriate discussion forums.

  5. Offering free information to subscribers. People love information. Create articles or letters about subject matter related to your offer. When someone requests that information, you know you have another targeted and interested prospect for your AutoResponder to follow up with.

  6. Asking for referrals. When you set up your AutoResponder letters, add a note asking readers to tell their friends. Include a link to your capture page or web site. People are much more likely to subscribe when they are referred by a friend or trusted associate. Referrals are the best type of subscriber for your AutoResponder.

  7. Using Fish Bowl Marketing. Restaurants and offline stores can use "fishbowl marketing". Just add a glass fishbowl by the cash register. You see these in restaurants all the time. Offer a drawing in exchange for them dropping a business card in to the bowl. Be sure to tell them that they are signing up to receive regular emails from you.

  8. Sponsoring a drawing or contest on your web site. Be sure to include the subscription form and explain that each subscription enters them into a drawing to receive a free gift. The gift can be a discount card, a gift card from a retail outlet or restaurant, etc...

  9. Adding a link to a capture page or your web site in any direct mail pieces such as postcards, invoices, or coupons.

  10. Optimizing your capture page for search engines. By focusing on particular keywords in your capture pages, you can increase your search engine results allowing more people to find your capture page.
These are just a few ideas that can help you boost your AutoResponder subscriber lists. Over time, as your AutoResponder list grows with targeted prospects, you can consistently generate sales by broadcasting special offers and announcements to your lists.

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