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Alternate Mode, Chicopee MA (United States)

AlternateMode is a unique digital musical instrument manufacturer in Massachusetts. AlternateMode uses AutoResponders to manage a monthly newsletter to thousands of clients from around the world, send announcements about live music events, seminars, and special offers.
-- Alternate Mode

Shelley Hitz, Author/Coach/Speaker (United States)

"A few years ago, I discovered TrafficWave for email marketing. It offers unlimited subscribers for one flat fee of $17.95. This is attractive to me because many of my lists are ministry lists where I give away free resources, but am not making money to cover my costs. For most email providers like GetResponse, Aweber, and MailChimp; your costs increase as your subscribers increase."
-- Shelley Hitz

The Smokehaus, (Michigan, US)

"I was put in charge of building a website and putting together an autoresponder for a small local grocer in my area, that I've been working for, forever...Of course I chose TrafficWave, because, simply put, it's outstanding. Importing subscribers from a list is easy, and broadcasting to this group of people is helping us expand our business in ways I can't even explain. I thank TrafficWave for the great training, the ease of the system, and making marketing so much fun!"
-- Donna J Maske

Jack Woodrup, Performance Coach (Australia)

"I have been a very happy Trafficwave customer for a number of years. Trafficwave has all the features I could ever want for my email marketing and is easy to use. However the biggest thing for me is the set low price. I used to use another service but as my list grew to over 10,000 subscribers I was paying over $100 a month. I am not a hard core marketer so most months I don't not email my list with offers, but rather I just provide updates to new articles on my site, other months I don't email at all. I wasn't getting much value out of the a $100 plus a month service. If anything it was like a disincentive to keep building my list. With Trafficwave I get all the benefits and features but without the ridiculous price."
-- Jack Woodrump

Chase Swift, Internet Marketer (Colorado, US)

"TrafficWave provides incredible value to me as a customer, as every day I get new subscribers to my newsletters and my ROI from building a team of like-minded entrepreneurs is off the charts.

Building an affordable email list with TrafficWave allows me to regularly make hundreds of dollars in sales to my subscribers when sending out an email broadcast ; from video software to create easy YouTube videos to income producing advertising techniques and step-by-step trainings, my subscriber list can be likened to an ATM machine where I can withdraw cash regularly when I treat my subscribers well and provide value to them."
-- Chase Swift

Sheri Lavo, Singer, Houston Tx (United States)

"TrafficWave has made it easy and incredibly cost effective for me to stay in touch with fans and booking contacts. With the click of a button, I can generate interest in more gig opportunities and let my fans know where I will be singing next. I highly recommend this system for anyone who is ready to take advantage of powerful email marketing solutions."
-- Sheri Lavo, Singer

Dani Edson, Internet Marketer (Brazil)

"I'm a web marketer for over 15 years in Brazil and have tried many autoresponders, but none of them brought me a benefit-cost ratio as good as TrafficWave. I am very satisfied and recommend it to all my followers, students and clients."

-- Dani Edson

Julio Ruiz, Internet Marketer (Peru)

"I started using Trafficwave Autoresponder because of it's Flat Rate Price.

Trafficwave is getting better and better every year... since last year they added many languages in the Autoresponder System and mine was there (Spanish) this helped me to do less work in my campaigns, increased the possibility to get more affiliates in my language and of course to be a better network marketer with all the blog posts, updates and videos Trafficwave gives us every month."

-- Julio Ruiz

David Bresnahan, Actor

"I started using the TrafficWave autoresponder on my website to send a free report and newsletter to other actors over 10 years ago. I told a few other friends who had online businesses about autoresponders, and within a short time I was getting a small monthly check. That’s when the "light bulb" went off and I realized I had stumbled upon a great online automated business opportunity.

Being an actor is fun, but the income is unpredictable, so we all need day jobs, but getting time off to go to an acting gig does not always work. I saw TrafficWave as a way to not only develop extra income, but to get monthly repeat subscription income. Residual income I can count on.

TrafficWave gives me freedom to pursue the things I enjoy most, like coach my boys baseball teams, be their Boy Scout leader, go on family trips whenever I want, and because I'm my own boss I can easily pursue my love of acting and filmmaking. I love the freedom my TrafficWave residual income provides.
-- David M. Bresnahan, Actor

My entire team and I rely on AutoResponders to help us build and manage our lists. TrafficWave has made it easy and affordable. I can't imagine going anywhere else for AutoResponders
Valerie Underhill, TN
AGP Community

Thanks Traffic Wave for the only program I have kept for 6 years now. I have used your tools all that time to do work on the Internet and they have helped me make a living. This is the only program I have stayed with for all this time. Everything else seems to come and go. You run a tight ship that I depend on. Traffic Wave is like the Coast Guard in these shark filled Internet waters.
Bill Hinkle

TrafficWave is FABULOUS. It's so easy to set up and my subscriber lists are growing every day!
Lind Acosta, CA

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